Singer Songwriter

I’ve started singing since I was 4, when my family and I were thrown out of the hotel during a vacation, because of my restlessness.
My mother says “You’ve never been shy, neither in my womb”. I’ve studied singing since I was 8, with some stops on the way and several difficulties, like in the great love stories. A so authentic and fulfilled path.
I’ve always loved thinking of art as without rules or boundaries: movements in dancing, masks in acting, colours in painting. I used to dance in addition to singing, and then the waves of the voice in music have prevailed.
I am an Interpreter of music. Pop, black and rock music. My voice is half essence, half structure. I’m always looking for sounds which can give shape to my feelings and transform them into emotions. I sing everywhere but never in the shower.
I studied at Saint Louis College of Music and I was awarded with a scholarship that led me to get my Diploma at Mogol’s “Cet”. I sang in Costa Crociere in 2005, I won the Casting Tour in 2008, semi-finalist to the Festival di Castrocaro in 2008, I represented Calabria to the Festival Estivo della Canzone in 2009, finalist to the web selection of the Festival di Sanremo Giovani in 2010.
In 2011 I was chosen by Loredana Bertè for a duet with her in the TV show I Raccomandati on channel Rai 1.
I am a Songwriter. When I write, I try to simplify, I do it without thinking about what pushed me to do it. I try to write in Italian and English, it all depends on the images that hit my mind. I write for myself and for the others. It’s a need, of being and doing. I would like to smash windows but it’s enough just knowing that I’m breaking frames.