Voice Teacher Vocal Coach

I am a Songwriter. When I write, I try to simplify, I do it without thinking about what pushed me to do it. I try to write in Italian and English, it all depends on the images that hit my mind. I write for myself and for the others. It’s a need, of being and doing. I would like to smash windows but it’s enough just knowing that I’m breaking frames.
I am Voice and Vocal coach. I have a technical, contemporary and heterogeneous approach, aimed to the use and research of a quality voice, coloured, incisive and personal. I give classes in modern singing (Pop, Black Music, Blues, Rock, Country and Folk), in musical theatre, imitation art, didactic and spoken voice (diction and public speaking). I work in public academies and as freelancer.
In Rome or online with face to face meetings.
After the experience at the Saint Louise College of Music and Mogol’s “Cet”, my desire grew more and more to share my baggage full of information, experience and knowledge with as many eyes and hearts as possible. My vocational training is enriched by a postgraduate degree in Music Education and Contemporary Singing at the Sonus Factory; a professional training diploma in Music Therapy; I was appointed certified vocal coach at the VOICEtoTEACH in Ravenna; I was part of the annual advanced course for music and vocal coach Il Maestro di Canto promoted by Centro Ottava.
I got a Diploma in Public Speaking and Diction and Expressiveness of the Voice at the D. de Meo’s Accademia Nazionale della Voce, where I was later nominated assistant and teacher for the official courses.
I teach vocal technique, how singing can improve your speaking, from the emission to the timbral qualities.
I also take part, giving my contribute, at the annual Dubbing Masterclass together with my colleagues L. Ward, M. Lopez, and M. Ward.
From theory to practice, from the performance to improvisation, from speaking to singing, from the general to the particular in response to the necessities of every single case. A tailored method, half physical, half mental, always metacognitive. The method I use combines all the features of the best methods on an international scale which I acquired and developed throughout my academic career and the achievement of certifications (from Estill Voicecraft EVT to Linklater).
I am a Researcher. Being an incurable nerd I’ve always believed in the power of knowledge and thirst of knowledge. I’m currently working on my first publication, a book about the learning of modern singing “Guida, Studio e Segreti di tecnica vocale, alla scoperta di una voce libera, migliore ed efficace”.
I attended a language based high school where I studied English, French and German. Subsequently, I graduated with honours in Administration at the Università degli Studi Magna Graecia, and I got a Master’s Degree in Art and Cultural Management at the Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazioni IULM.